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Information on the four-stage therapy concept with the SURALIS feedback system

Get your therapy documents here (PDF 3.0 MB).

About Saphenus

Saphenus was founded in 2016. We develop solutions for people with amputations to allivate pain induced problems. Following the idea of bionic prostheses we closely work with partners from the science and research community.

Saphenus provides fundings by the AWS (federal promotion bank), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, the Lower Austria incubator accent and the European Commission (EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument). For its achievments Saphenus received the award Startup Of The Year 2018 Lower Austria.


Mag. Rainer Schultheis

Aaron Pitschl, CPO

Sylvia Brayley-Schultheis
Executive Assistant, Clinical Studies

Martin Brandstätter, MSc
Product development

Bernhard Lang, MSc
Product development

Karoline Vogel
Assistant, Clinical Studies

Mag. Toni Innauer
Co-Founder, Olympic Champion


In modern prosthetics research is done in a wide variety of fields. One direction focuses on the bionic principle, replacing bodily functions with technology. Based on physical structures, motor and sensory nerves in the body are addressed which is recognized by the brain as a signal. The goal of all bionic prostheses is the idea of closer acceptance into self perception. At the Medical University Innsbruck and the private clinic Brixsana, a technique has been developed to redirect sensory nerves to the skin area of the stump and thus allow those affected to feel authentic. Prof. Dr. Hubert Egger has collaborated with Dr. Ing. Eva Maria Baur and carried out this reinnervation in a world’s first.

Feeling Prosthesis

How can a prosthesis feel? How does it work? In a video coming soon, Hubert Egger will explain how he came up with the idea of providing feeling to a leg and foot prosthesis.


Come back soon to find two videos from our ambassadors!

An amputation, a turning point in life. People talk about worries, fears, desires and longings.

The co-founder of Saphenus Toni Innauer encourages those affected.

Amputation & Pain

Torment. Without release. Affected with limb loss, pain is a constant companion. The reasons for suffering are manifold. Coming soon: Dr. Alex Gardetto explains the 3 major pain categories of people with amputation.



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